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Older Job Seekers: Think Beyond Experience

In many ways it’s the natural evolution of a career. You put your head down, work as hard as you can and get as far as you can go…and for many different reasons you are likely to run out of gas at the company or in the role you’re in. So you leave. Or you … Continue reading

In (Business) School? This Toolkit Can Help You Get Hired

Wow, have times ever changed. Twenty years ago you could come out of either an undergrad or MBA program with 3-5 job offers without a whole lot of effort.  Now, your degree does little more for you than get your resume looked at by hiring managers.  Your success at being hired or even interviewed now … Continue reading

Collect Achievements (or Credentials!), not just Experience

I’d like to dedicate a short post to a favorite topic; one that will crop up from time to time…like, here.  I’m making a big deal about it because my experience tells me that many of us could benefit from this slight mental adjustment. Experience.  At all career stages, marketers tend to be focused on … Continue reading

Perfect your Resume by Thinking Strategically

Resumes are like interviews in the sense that everyone and every web site has 25 tips on how to be great.   I’m going to take the same approach with resumes as I did with interviews by getting you to think on a higher level about what’s going on.  Only at 30,000 feet can we see … Continue reading