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Validate Your Business Idea with this Simple Checklist

Sometimes I get ahead of myself in my posts, diving deep into thoughts and business issues that are way downstream in the process of growing your business. In this post I’ll swing the other way to the very beginning, where even capable founders fall off track when creating business ideas or taking them to market. … Continue reading

Above All, What it Takes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

You might at first find this post to be a bit pedestrian with its advice. But, if you look past the sub headers and take in my full explanation you will hopefully embrace some insight that is much deeper than what it might seem on the surface. There is tons of great advice out there … Continue reading

Agile Leadership Demands this Instinctive Mindset

One of my career goals is to build a lean and agile organization…from the ground up. There is a certain appeal to the prospect of moving faster than your competitors and adapting seamlessly to the changing marketplace and the customers in it. I also see agility as not only a fiscally responsible endeavor, but a … Continue reading

Are You a Starter or Finisher: Founder or CEO?

I’ve always seen myself as a starter more than a finisher. I’m a dreamer, an ideator and yeah sometimes even a good planner.  But once I ‘get it’ and can somehow see the finish line I’m tempted to move on to the next thing. Talk to the 3 novels on my nightstand with a bookmark … Continue reading

The Org Chart of the Future

As I look all around me I can’t help but be amazed by the explosive rate of innovation we are living through. The breakthrough inventions in technology, explosive growth in startup communities and even the societal changes in how we socialize, date and parent are hard to keep up with. Even when we think we … Continue reading

Failing Startups: Will Angel Investors Retreat?

The evolution of the startup ecosystem is a joy to watch. Barely a decade ago each new company and fledgling founder was learning almost independently, perhaps with some input from experienced business minds drawn from an existing network. Fast forward and we can today survey an impressive global startup universe, comprised of a number of … Continue reading

The First 3 Things I Want to Know About a Founder

Entrepreneurs are just the best. Most are some combination of industrious, visionary, compelling, well-intended and heck just fun to talk to. It has been a rare occurrence for me to connect with one even through random networking where it has been a regrettable experience. I tend to like almost everyone I encounter while I routinely … Continue reading

I Want to Shake Up the Advice / Content Market

(….while I simultaneously avoid claiming I want to Uber it. Because….just no.) And for now, I’m talking about advice on how to develop our careers and be happier and more productive on the job….which, in turn, makes for a happier life. What’s broken – or at least a little bent – about the content-as-advice market … Continue reading

This Looming Societal Shift Will Change how we Work, Live

Must give a shout out to a poster on Medium for unlocking a post I have been sitting on for maybe a few months now. Didn’t like the flow so I put it aside for another day. Then today, this guy publishes a thoughtful post about sleep deprivation, and why is this such a badge … Continue reading

This 3-letter Word Makes Good Advice GREAT

….and I’m being generous when I use the term ‘good’, which for the sake if this post is meant to signify advice given with good intent but has turned out to be not entirely useful. Trying to maintain a constructive (versus critical) vibe. We’ve all been there, both personally and professionally. We get both solicited … Continue reading