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Become the Best Boss…Right Now!

This is another one of those posts where I just feel I can provide incremental value to a routine subject matter.  Once again I was lucky to work for J&J, which had the uncanny process of grading you separately for performance and people development abilities.  Loved that.  They cared about turning you into a kickass … Continue reading

Ten Minutes of Wisdom

For everything else that doesn’t readily fit into a post, I’ll capture here in what will likely end up being a running tote board of wisdom, which you will find more potent than ‘tips’.   These rapid-fire nuggets of advice are the result of my good fortune to have worked with countless impressive people while being … Continue reading

Why Advertising is the Most Exasperating Marketing Function

You know how the sexiest things are often the least sexy?  Here’s one.  From the outside, advertising creative development looks like a blast. I mean you’re making a mini-movie or still art….and what’s not to love about that? Lots.  I have often said that developing advertising surprisingly became the worst part of my job.  A … Continue reading

Interviewing Essentials: There are Only 3 Questions

The road to giving exceptional interviews has been unnecessarily long for me.  I got TOO much advice, I think.  Although I still managed to get jobs thanks to my resume and sparkling personality (!!!), I have to admit I didn’t hit my stride interviewing until grad school.  Up until then interviews felt like heated psychological … Continue reading

The Pillars of Effective Communication

Communication as a topic needs its own post.  It’s one of those thirty thousand foot words that represents one of the most essential skill sets to make it as a marketer, yet there is such little detailed understanding of what the requirements are.  Today’s post will dissect the skill into many pillars, most of which … Continue reading

Achieve Work-Life Balance with the Right Mindset

The topic of work-life balance has risen to top-three status among those raised by strong candidates I encounter while networking and interviewing.  It’s a sensitive subject though, because you’re trying to figure out of you can have a robust personal life without coming across as lacking motivation.  In my experience, probing questions from candidates tend … Continue reading

The Job Search: Notes and Watch Outs for these Types of Companies

For those of you compiling a target list of employers, let me provide some food for thought in your process.  In terms of criteria, most of us think about job function, industry, location and company (brand) name recognition.   Here, I will suggest a different filter – type of company.  The org type may become a … Continue reading

Interview Essentials: Questions to Ask that Sell Yourself

Networking sessions are common in MBA programs but are tough to come by outside of the academic world.  Those forums are perfect for gaining some nuanced learning about companies to understand if the opportunities and culture synch up to your career objectives. For most of us, all we have are the internet and interview sessions, … Continue reading

Secrets Revealed: My Most Telling Interview Questions

Yes, I’m giving some of my secrets away.  Gratis. I’m going to out myself by sharing some of my most powerful, make-or-break interview questions and why I ask them (when I’m the hiring manager).  For the next person who interviews with me, you best ready yourself by reading through this post.  You’ll be completely set … Continue reading

Perfect your Resume by Thinking Strategically

Resumes are like interviews in the sense that everyone and every web site has 25 tips on how to be great.   I’m going to take the same approach with resumes as I did with interviews by getting you to think on a higher level about what’s going on.  Only at 30,000 feet can we see … Continue reading