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Real Productivity Gains Come from the Top

This post has been sitting on the sidelines for awhile, waiting for the right moment to complete and share it. Today was the day, for in my travels I came across three blog posts with tips and tricks on how to be more productive. I will choose not to link to them because I don’t … Continue reading

Find the Hidden Value in a Potential Hire

The battle for great talent is indeed a war. Companies small and large are open about the apparent dearth of quality candidates not to mention the arduous process to seek and filter in order to find them. I have conducted hundreds of interviews in my life and actually I might say by now I’m approaching … Continue reading

Why Your Powerpoint Presentations are Too Long

…and as a bonus, I’ll provide some tips on how to improve them! There is an interesting dichotomy between our perspectives on Powerpoint presentations when we create them and when we are on the receiving end (as a file or orally delivered). As creators we are typically proud of our work…or at least the accomplishment … Continue reading