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Interview Like a (Great) Boss for Quality, Fit

The skill of conducting interviews as a hiring manager is one that’s developed over a lifetime. Sure, we all have our tips and tricks to source and identify the unique talent we’re looking for, and there are similarly just as many tips fed into the candidate sitting across the table from you. The result of … Continue reading

The Danger of Recruiting Only for Experience

Although I’m quite enjoying my mentoring and consulting gigs, I wouldn’t be lying if I said hadn’t raised my hand for the occasional ‘real’ job. Many are within the discipline of marketing, which stands to reason given my background. As I pore through job postings I can’t help but notice the template of thinking at … Continue reading

The First 3 Things I Want to Know About a Founder

Entrepreneurs are just the best. Most are some combination of industrious, visionary, compelling, well-intended and heck just fun to talk to. It has been a rare occurrence for me to connect with one even through random networking where it has been a regrettable experience. I tend to like almost everyone I encounter while I routinely … Continue reading

This 3-letter Word Makes Good Advice GREAT

….and I’m being generous when I use the term ‘good’, which for the sake if this post is meant to signify advice given with good intent but has turned out to be not entirely useful. Trying to maintain a constructive (versus critical) vibe. We’ve all been there, both personally and professionally. We get both solicited … Continue reading

Where Digital Product Founders Fail Hard

I hadn’t expected to ever write a post like this but my last year in particular has convinced me it’d be worthwhile. I’m going to start off by telling you a story – it’s about my neighborhood and it’s about sushi restaurants (Wait! Don’t go! It has a point, I promise!) I live in a … Continue reading

Stay Current with the Help of a Personal Google

No, I’m not here to tell you about a new app or some high-tech device.  In fact this kind of technology is a little more old school. You gotta admit, though — it’s a catchy title. Particularly with the advent of the ‘feed’ – aka information whizzing by at breakneck speed – we have to … Continue reading

Older Job Seekers: Think Beyond Experience

In many ways it’s the natural evolution of a career. You put your head down, work as hard as you can and get as far as you can go…and for many different reasons you are likely to run out of gas at the company or in the role you’re in. So you leave. Or you … Continue reading

Refresh your Criteria for your Preferred Employer

In so many ways our search for a longer term employer match is not unlike our search for great personal relationships. We think we have our criteria set in our minds, but after making some connections that sometimes end up being bad experiences we debrief and (hopefully) revamp our mandatories as we look for a … Continue reading

Just-in-Time (JIT) Hiring has Arrived!

As recently as 20 minutes ago before I sat down to type, my main message was going to be that JIT hiring is coming. Already, as I have studied this phenomenon more, I have grown to realize that I was almost a step behind.  It’s already here. The early model of JIT hiring is what … Continue reading

In (Business) School? This Toolkit Can Help You Get Hired

Wow, have times ever changed. Twenty years ago you could come out of either an undergrad or MBA program with 3-5 job offers without a whole lot of effort.  Now, your degree does little more for you than get your resume looked at by hiring managers.  Your success at being hired or even interviewed now … Continue reading