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The 5 Pillars of Job Satisfaction

Join me today in an expedition through the world of (corporate) cultural anthropology. Sure, the title is all about job satisfaction but the end game is much like what we’re all trying to do – create the right and best corporate culture. To do this, most will go straight to listing and celebrating what they … Continue reading

Where Digital Product Founders Fail Hard

I hadn’t expected to ever write a post like this but my last year in particular has convinced me it’d be worthwhile. I’m going to start off by telling you a story – it’s about my neighborhood and it’s about sushi restaurants (Wait! Don’t go! It has a point, I promise!) I live in a … Continue reading

The Dark Side of the Minimum Viable Product

I have always enjoying the process of building new businesses and incubating new business models, and have relished any role I have been able to play. And, thanks to the corporate phase of my career, I have collected outstanding insight and honed my disciplined ways of thinking that have proven complementary to my more recent … Continue reading