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In (Business) School? This Toolkit Can Help You Get Hired

Wow, have times ever changed. Twenty years ago you could come out of either an undergrad or MBA program with 3-5 job offers without a whole lot of effort.  Now, your degree does little more for you than get your resume looked at by hiring managers.  Your success at being hired or even interviewed now … Continue reading

Consumer Connection: Questions to Help Personal Trainers Retain their Clients

This post is in many ways off topic for this blog. Still, I have decided to write about this subject partly out of personal passion and partly because it represents one interpretation of being a marketer from the inside that I don’t dwell on much in this little digital journey. Plus, this topic has just … Continue reading

BUSTED for not paying attention in a meeting? Use my ‘get out of jail’ phrase

If I owned a company I would revolutionize how we communicate and share information.  I mean, the world has changed. so. much. socially, yet we still use painfully long meetings and massive Powerpoint decks as our primary vehicles in the business world. In my company, meetings would be 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.  No … Continue reading