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Interview Like a (Great) Boss for Quality, Fit

The skill of conducting interviews as a hiring manager is one that’s developed over a lifetime. Sure, we all have our tips and tricks to source and identify the unique talent we’re looking for, and there are similarly just as many tips fed into the candidate sitting across the table from you. The result of … Continue reading

The Danger of Recruiting Only for Experience

Although I’m quite enjoying my mentoring and consulting gigs, I wouldn’t be lying if I said hadn’t raised my hand for the occasional ‘real’ job. Many are within the discipline of marketing, which stands to reason given my background. As I pore through job postings I can’t help but notice the template of thinking at … Continue reading

Find the Hidden Value in a Potential Hire

The battle for great talent is indeed a war. Companies small and large are open about the apparent dearth of quality candidates not to mention the arduous process to seek and filter in order to find them. I have conducted hundreds of interviews in my life and actually I might say by now I’m approaching … Continue reading

Older Job Seekers: Think Beyond Experience

In many ways it’s the natural evolution of a career. You put your head down, work as hard as you can and get as far as you can go…and for many different reasons you are likely to run out of gas at the company or in the role you’re in. So you leave. Or you … Continue reading

Just-in-Time (JIT) Hiring has Arrived!

As recently as 20 minutes ago before I sat down to type, my main message was going to be that JIT hiring is coming. Already, as I have studied this phenomenon more, I have grown to realize that I was almost a step behind.  It’s already here. The early model of JIT hiring is what … Continue reading

Size Up your Interviewer to Achieve Peak Interview Performance

Now that you’ve prepared for your interview, it’s time to focus on and assess what might be happening on the other side of the table. There are many scenarios and types of interviewers you could be facing, so you need to be ready to adapt. Below are some common types of interviewers along with a … Continue reading

Interviewing Essentials: There are Only 3 Questions

The road to giving exceptional interviews has been unnecessarily long for me.  I got TOO much advice, I think.  Although I still managed to get jobs thanks to my resume and sparkling personality (!!!), I have to admit I didn’t hit my stride interviewing until grad school.  Up until then interviews felt like heated psychological … Continue reading

Interview Essentials: Questions to Ask that Sell Yourself

Networking sessions are common in MBA programs but are tough to come by outside of the academic world.  Those forums are perfect for gaining some nuanced learning about companies to understand if the opportunities and culture synch up to your career objectives. For most of us, all we have are the internet and interview sessions, … Continue reading

Secrets Revealed: My Most Telling Interview Questions

Yes, I’m giving some of my secrets away.  Gratis. I’m going to out myself by sharing some of my most powerful, make-or-break interview questions and why I ask them (when I’m the hiring manager).  For the next person who interviews with me, you best ready yourself by reading through this post.  You’ll be completely set … Continue reading

Interviewing Essentials: Prepare…or Else

This post wins the ‘obvious, much?’ award for this entire blog and yes flies in the face of my vision to provide the insight you can’t find elsewhere.  Oh well.  I’m talking about it anyway because it’s an absolute mandatory component of interviewing; sadly, it is overlooked by too many, especially those who haven’t interviewed … Continue reading