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The Best Marketing Funnel is Also a Vacuum

Wait, what?? Are you speaking in code? Well sort of…to the extent the funnel itself is code. Let me first come clean. I love a great debate and can challenge half the stuff I read out there. But every once in awhile something succinct and powerful disables my defenses like a form of verbal kryptonite. … Continue reading

The Danger of Recruiting Only for Experience

Although I’m quite enjoying my mentoring and consulting gigs, I wouldn’t be lying if I said hadn’t raised my hand for the occasional ‘real’ job. Many are within the discipline of marketing, which stands to reason given my background. As I pore through job postings I can’t help but notice the template of thinking at … Continue reading

Failing Startups: Will Angel Investors Retreat?

The evolution of the startup ecosystem is a joy to watch. Barely a decade ago each new company and fledgling founder was learning almost independently, perhaps with some input from experienced business minds drawn from an existing network. Fast forward and we can today survey an impressive global startup universe, comprised of a number of … Continue reading