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The Root Causes of Meeting Misery

Just to set expectations – This is not a post that points out how meetings are too long or poorly planned. Those have been written….many times…over the course of years. And yet, here we still are. This is a post that uncovers why such problems exist (and persist). Yes, as I tend to do, I look beyond the symptoms of … Continue reading

Before We Slam Another Millennial, Let’s Look in the Mirror

Even as a non-Millennial, I just can’t wrap my mind around this ongoing ruthless and public practice of dismissing the entire generation coming up behind us. Typically the criticism comes with terse anger from those deeper into the Gen X or Boomer set. This time, however, we have been treated to the pseudo-intellectual snobbery of … Continue reading

Can You Lead a Diverse Workforce?

Yup. It’s happening. A white (middle-aged) dude from rural Canada is going to saddle up and champion a conversation on diversity. Actually, a topic like this coming from someone with my profile may not be a bad thing. More people who are not visible minorities need to take up the cause – and not just … Continue reading

Interview Like a (Great) Boss for Quality, Fit

The skill of conducting interviews as a hiring manager is one that’s developed over a lifetime. Sure, we all have our tips and tricks to source and identify the unique talent we’re looking for, and there are similarly just as many tips fed into the candidate sitting across the table from you. The result of … Continue reading

Above All, What it Takes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

You might at first find this post to be a bit pedestrian with its advice. But, if you look past the sub headers and take in my full explanation you will hopefully embrace some insight that is much deeper than what it might seem on the surface. There is tons of great advice out there … Continue reading

Agile Leadership Demands this Instinctive Mindset

One of my career goals is to build a lean and agile organization…from the ground up. There is a certain appeal to the prospect of moving faster than your competitors and adapting seamlessly to the changing marketplace and the customers in it. I also see agility as not only a fiscally responsible endeavor, but a … Continue reading

I Want to Shake Up the Advice / Content Market

(….while I simultaneously avoid claiming I want to Uber it. Because….just no.) And for now, I’m talking about advice on how to develop our careers and be happier and more productive on the job….which, in turn, makes for a happier life. What’s broken – or at least a little bent – about the content-as-advice market … Continue reading

This 3-letter Word Makes Good Advice GREAT

….and I’m being generous when I use the term ‘good’, which for the sake if this post is meant to signify advice given with good intent but has turned out to be not entirely useful. Trying to maintain a constructive (versus critical) vibe. We’ve all been there, both personally and professionally. We get both solicited … Continue reading

5 Truths About Business Relationships for Networking Platforms

As I have been recently cruising through the startup space of social and business networking, I, like anyone, will pause to examine LinkedIn – the business model, the challenges, the opportunities. It’s a great case study. LinkedIn was one of the first of its kind and definitely the first in its category to achieve the … Continue reading

What Millennials can Teach us Gen Xers

When people ask me what I’m working towards in this next phase of my career, I point to three important objectives on my near horizon: I want to keep turning smaller things into bigger things; I want to build or influence the most innovative work culture on the planet; I want to bridge gaps. This … Continue reading