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An Entrepreneur’s Best Asset is a Beautiful Mind

Throughout my career journey that is broad in scope, I can say I’ve met and worked with a number of not only impressive but successful business people. We characterize someone as successful if they have risen to executive levels in a larger company or especially if they have started a business, which they in turn … Continue reading

Before you Attempt to Market Digitally, Know This!

Note: While this blog overall focuses less on the technical skills of marketing, I just had to publish this post. As noted below, I’m writing it as a tool to help mostly entrepreneurs who could benefit from similar advice I have provided in the past. Enjoy! Digital marketing is a thing. A big thing. OK, … Continue reading

When You’re told to Prioritize…

You probably wince…even a little, am I right? ‘Prioritize’ is one of those words that can be delivered in the sweetest of voices, yet can make us even a tiny bit crazy(er) when we hear it. In the worst moments of receiving this coaching we feel a little empty; we have been given some sort … Continue reading