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Failing Startups: Will Angel Investors Retreat?

The evolution of the startup ecosystem is a joy to watch. Barely a decade ago each new company and fledgling founder was learning almost independently, perhaps with some input from experienced business minds drawn from an existing network. Fast forward and we can today survey an impressive global startup universe, comprised of a number of … Continue reading

Growth Hacking: Perspectives of a Reformed Corporate Marketer

Shortly, I will provide a brief intro, and then I will lay out the objectives of this article. There are several. For now, I want to be clear and upfront to one of the core audiences I am addressing: If you are still learning the process of growth hacking, and find yourself reading yet another … Continue reading

The Next Generation Workplace: COMING SOON

It’s just a question of when…and if you ask me, it’s not soon enough. I originally crafted this post to just purely imagine work life in, oh, about 20 years.  Fun exercise.  But I soon realized that this article can become more meaningful if we break that process down into two distinct steps. First, understand … Continue reading

In (Business) School? This Toolkit Can Help You Get Hired

Wow, have times ever changed. Twenty years ago you could come out of either an undergrad or MBA program with 3-5 job offers without a whole lot of effort.  Now, your degree does little more for you than get your resume looked at by hiring managers.  Your success at being hired or even interviewed now … Continue reading

Are You a Personality Fit for Marketing?

It only stands to reason that my post on soft skills should follow with one on personality types.  I will keep this post shorter by highlighting some of the ideal personality traits that can most easily set you up for a successful career in marketing. Please note that as I write, I’m thinking about larger … Continue reading

Why Advertising is the Most Exasperating Marketing Function

You know how the sexiest things are often the least sexy?  Here’s one.  From the outside, advertising creative development looks like a blast. I mean you’re making a mini-movie or still art….and what’s not to love about that? Lots.  I have often said that developing advertising surprisingly became the worst part of my job.  A … Continue reading

Achieve Work-Life Balance with the Right Mindset

The topic of work-life balance has risen to top-three status among those raised by strong candidates I encounter while networking and interviewing.  It’s a sensitive subject though, because you’re trying to figure out of you can have a robust personal life without coming across as lacking motivation.  In my experience, probing questions from candidates tend … Continue reading

Killer Phrases: Pause if You’ve Said One of These

Whether you’re on the job or thinking about a career in marketing, here are my personal favorite phrases that are killer….and not in a good way.  Catch yourself thinking or saying any of these and I’d pause for a few to assess if your mind’s in the right place: I want to go into marketing … Continue reading

‘Soft’ Skills of Today’s Successful Marketer

Leadership, teamwork, communication….   Yup.  We’ve heard these words before.  Many times. But nowadays if we want to be outstanding marketing leaders we need to plunge a little deeper into the more nuanced behaviors within and aside from these motherhood skills.  That way you can get closer to even more specific practices of an exceptional leader. … Continue reading