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Get the Most out of your Agency Relationships

The week before I completed my stint at J&J I was invited by my digital marketing agency to a fun event followed by lunch.  Much to my surprise the CEO of the agency honored me in front of about 25 people with a speech I will never forget.   The story he told was how the … Continue reading

Cut Time Spent in Meetings with a Little Planning

Meetings.  ::::heavy sigh::: Few of us enjoy them.  Looking back over the years, I have realized that the first 2-3 minutes of a meeting end up shaping my mood, which is often times a little crusty.   It’s when the door closes and you’re in stuck in there, realizing that the chairperson hasn’t prepped and the … Continue reading

One Insight can Make your Internship Permanent

In my career thus far I have been connected to two outstanding internship programs – Johnson & Johnson and IBM (MBA summer job).  At both companies, I encountered outstanding summer interns who ultimately ended up frustrated because they didn’t land a full time job. Moreover, they were befuddled because they thought they did a great … Continue reading